TourRadar Brand & Community Care

When the Coronavirus pandemic took hold of Europe and the rest of the world in March 2020, TourRadar had to rethink its business strategy and focus on customer care rather than getting tour bookings.

As a marketing team we focused our activities on:

    – Reducing tour cancellations and offering credit for future tour bookings
    – Share positivity and inspire users to think of travelling post-COVID
    – Explore new travel opportunities, such as local travel or alternative transportation.

The design team worked very closely with the content team to keep the strategy across all communication channels aligned.

Email Communication

The best way to reach our customer is through email, therefore we designed a range of inspirational and highly targeted emails. Here are a few of those…

Social Media

Through social media, we tried to engage with users by being transparent and honest and share our own experience during lockdown…


During the global health crisis key workers in hospitals and shops did incredible work and put their own health at risk to keep the rest of the community going.
We honoured these people by offering users to nominate their favourite frontline healthcare worker and give them to chance to win a free tour on us.

This contest was a great success! We received over 1,700 entries and at the same time raising brand awareness and recognition by being mentioned in news outlets, such as Newsweek, TravelPulse and Best Travel Tale.