Cheapflights The Stuntman campaign

In December 2015 Cheapflights produced its first ever TV advert. Together with the creative agency Forever Beta, the Cheapflights team produced an integrated brand awareness campaign that included TV advertising, an online game site and extensive promotion on social media and national media partners.

TV Advert The Stuntman

The TV advert was produced by the agency Forever Beta and directed by the in-house marketing team. The advert was launched in the UK on Christmas Day and ran over five weeks.

Cheapflights and Forever Beta won the award for the “Best TV Advertising” at the Travel Marketing Awards 2017.

Watch the full-length TV advert on Youtube

Online “The Stuntman” game

To support the TV advertising, the content team teamed up with an external agency to produce an online game. In the game the users have to guess where the stuntman is currently located. Once the game is completed, the user can enter a competition to win flights to New York, Sydney, Cape Town, Dubai or Rio.

Social media promotion

In my role as digital designer at Cheapflights I supported the content team by designing banners for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Two banner themes were created, one to promote the TV advert tying in the competition element; one theme to just promote the competition element.

Facebook and Twitter banners

Carousel Ads

Campaign outreach

  • With the promotion through social media we had up to 60,000 visits to the online game site.
  • 50,700 users signed up to the competition
  • 13,000 users signed up for the Cheapflights newsletter
  • The online game was shared 19,400 times by our users