For a fourth year running, Runner’s World is hosting the ASICS Target 26.2 campaign, in which five lucky runners will receive professional training and support over 16 weeks to achieve their dream finishing time at the 2015 Paris marathon.

Throughout the six month campaign, the campaign progress will be advertised in the Runner’s World print magazine as well as on the online hub at and on social media.
In my role as Creative Solutions Multimedia Designer I designed the traffic drivers, the campaign emails and helped to refresh the hub design working with an external company. Previously, I was also involved in editing the event videos which were then hosted on

ASICS Target 26.2 hub – Campaign relaunch 2014


ASICS Target 26.2 Email shots


Click on the email preview to view the full designs

ASICS Target 26.2 – 2013 Store Day video

Runner’s World ASICS Target 26.2 – 2013 Store Day from Doris K on Vimeo.

ASICS Target 26.2 in the print issue of Runner’s World – Recruitment for campaign 2012/13


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October 29, 2014