NHSBT Plasma for Medicine

During the pandemic, NHS Blood and Transplant supported the NHS by collecting convalescent plasma for the treatment of patients badly affected by COVID-19. However, as time passed, the organisation shifted its focus on plasma collection to create life-saving medicine to help people suffering from cancers, rare diseases, immune disorders and genetic conditions.

As a member of the Brand Communications team, the senior designer and I supported the Plasma for medicine marketing team by creating a range of creatives, such as:

  • Patient leaflets
  • Donor centre staff booklets
  • Banner stands
  • Social media creatives (stills and animated) as well as social frames and
  • Email banners.
  • Additionally, I’ve supported the content team to create a dedicated Plasma for Medicine landing page for prospect donors. This page was created using a NHSBT dedicated CMS.

    This next video was created to be shown in the plasma donation centres to inform donors about the plasma donation process. I’ve created the illustrations, combined them with existing campaign creatives and animated them in After Effects: