TourRadar’s Online Travel Expo Sale

TourRadar’s Online Travel Expo in September is one of its biggest online multi-day tours sales of the year. Over 180 operators offer special discounts on over 6,000 tour deals during the Expo week.

As lead digital marketing designer I was responsible for the campaign concept, which would be applied to the landing page, the email send-outs, paid marketing and organic social media ads. As design lead, I would oversee the output of the team and ensure all communication channels would be aligned.

User testing
To be able to make an informed design decision we carried out some online user testing. We set up two tests on and asked 100 users within our target group to carry out a homepage banner visibility test and a design preference test using three landing page mock-ups.

The results for the homepage banner visibility tests indicated that more could be done as only 24% noticed the promotional banner and over 50% weren’t sure if a sale was being advertised. As a result of this test, we added a pulsating red dot on the homepage navigation to lead the user’s eye to the Sale deals.

The results of the design preference test showed a clear winner with over 60% of votes, which was variant 1. The comments included the designs were “vibrant and eye-catching”, a “good contrast” and the promotional deal was communicated clearly. Consequently, we used this design for the Expo sale and tweaked it.

Overall the user testing helped the team to make an informed, data-based design decision and rule out any subjective preference.

The design

For the design, it was important to clearly communicate the discount as well as the dates in a visually appealing and eye-catching way.

Colour scheme


Awareness phase

During the awareness phase users can sign up to the Online Travel Expo newsletter and get entered for a chance to win $1000 of travel credits to be used during the live phase.

Live phase

Once the sale has launched on site all users can visit the Expo deals page on and find out about the biggest multi-tour travel deals.

Campaign collateral

Following my concept and instructions, my team designed the campaign collateral. See a few examples here:

Campaign results

During the 11 days of Expo sale we reached:
– Over 2,200 tour bookings
– Over 640,000 Euros in revenue
– Hit our target of 4 million Euros in GBV.